Back 2 Nature Men


Celebrating Gay Male Naturism.
In a perfect world, men would be allowed to go naked in the great outdoors.

Males naked outdoors, the way nature intended. Men answering to the Call of the wild.

For Men who like to combine nudity with outdoor pursuits.
Naturally naked men outdoors.
Naturist, Nudist, Nudism, Male Exhibitionist.
This blog is maintained for the entertainment and enjoyment of the Gay Nudist / Naturist lifestyle, Gay Naturism expressed in pictures. Men living life for the fullest Naked Outdoors. We promote acceptance of our wonderful male Gay bodies of all body types, nudism/naturism. We are into nature, not religion, and a real spiritually naked relationship with nature. WE WANT TO RE-BLOG YOUR MALE OUTDOOR PICS & THOUGHTS ON HOW YOU LIVE NAKED AND GAY!

This blog is NSFW 18+ Dedicated to the Gay Naturist/Nudist lifestyle

Disclaimer: All images are pulled from the web and are assumed to be in the public domain.

Removal: If any of the images posted are subject to copyright , please message me and they will be removed at my earliest opportunity.

Sizzling Soldiers
July 22, 2013-This blog and our followers share an admiration and attraction to men who wear the uniform, serve their country and defend our freedoms. We find them arousing, sensual and “sizzling!” We invite HOT amateur Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, RAF (servicemen, etc.) to submit your sexiest or patriotic images in a post (be as daring as you like!). We also invite our female followers to submit and show off their sizzling military men!

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